so, I’ve done a couple critical mass rides before- chicago being the favored city. [ about critical mass] they’ve always been an absolute blast- hundreds of bike riders getting together and riding around the city is always a good time. However, tonight was my first Philly critical mass, and I must say…I miss chicago. 😦

the drivers here are SO RUDE. not even five minutes into the ride, someone got hit by a car driven by someone who was pissed off that bikers were making him wait- so he tried to weave through and then hit someone. The rider was okay, but it was something of a hostile situation. It just sucks because it’s not like we as massers are just trying to tie up traffic or cause trouble, we’re just doing something we all enjoy together, with the hopes of maybe raising awareness about the bicycle as a valid form of transportation. le sigh.

something else that complicated matters was the size of the mass- maybe 100-ish people. maybe. with such a small group, we have less power, and cars are more temped to just ‘push’ us out of the way, making the ride much more dangerous for everyone involved. I almost got hit a couple of times, it was a little scary. I also got cut off by one of those stupid “ride the duck” vehicles. hate them hate them hate them. I have found a new cause.

I also invited my younger sister to come along, even though she’s not really a biker. between the small size [and thus the danger], and the lack of cohesiveness among the group [differing speeds, etc.], she had an awful time. I suggested we go home early, because I really don’t want her to hate biking, especially because I love it so much.

blah. I guess I’m just disappointed- I was really looking forward to my first philly mass, and it ended up being such a lame experience. oh well. rather than just complain, I am now making it my mission to get more people to come out to future rides. I’ve got a whole month to paper and chalk my campus to get others to come out, hopefully it will work. 🙂

all right, I think I’m going to do some knitting in order to unwind and feel like I’ve done something productive today. until next time,