Last night my new friend Christina [heretofore may be referred to as Tina, Chris, or Awesome-Chick-from-my-cohort] came over to my place to watch the VP debate [I only get two channels, yay rabbit ears. but the debate was on both, so no problems]. We went and got some beer [there will be another post SOON about how irritating and ridiculous the PA liquor laws are, by the way…], then came back and had said beer with pasta, while intermittently yelling at the Television [i.e., Of COURSE you were able to eliminate your fuel tax- you live in ALASKA]. yay. We started out playing a debate drinking game, but that quickly died, as we had decided to drink every time someone said the words ‘maverick,’ ‘working class,’ ‘scranton,’ ‘hockey mom,’ or ‘bailout.’ ugh. Anyway, that was entertaining. Then we went out and chilled on my roof with blankets and more drinking and looking at stars and talking about nothing and everything. It was a good night in all- it’s so nice to find people that you just really click with right off the bat.

Got up this morning at about noon- ugh, and decided to take the day off- no writing, no reading, no doing anything required. My research has been really getting me down lately, so I really needed it. It’s a subject that I care about very deeply, and am very passionate about, but it’s just really darn depressing sometimes. SO, I decided to take a mental health day today and not do ANY work- hooray!

First, I went to fabric row- a little field trip I’ve been meaning to take ever since I moved here.

It. Was. Awesome. Seriously, it was like a little bit of heaven for a craftster nerd like me. :p I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t even buy anything- I look at it as a scoping-out mission, I’ll head back later when I decide what I need. Or, when I can finally afford to get a sewing machine. 😦  I also visited another yarn store on fabric row- Sophie’s. So cute. They even have a shop cat named ‘Purl,’ hah. [sorry, knitting humour is awful, I know.] Anyway, I should probably stop spending so much time at the yarn stores around town because a) I spend waaaaay too much money and b) it only makes it all the more tempting to drop out of school and open up that yarn store/coffee shop/community center I keep dreaming about…sigh.

After fabric row, I went to this awesome pizza/cheesesteak place that Tina told me about called Gianna’s [It’s on 6th street just north of South if anyone wants to check it out]. They have an awesome menu, but the great thing is that they’ll make just about anything on the menu vegetarian/vegan for you! yaay! So….I got a veggie cheesesteak:

Now, I know that ‘vegetarian’ and ‘cheesesteak’ should probably never be uttered in the same sentence, especially in Philly, but I assure you, this sandwich was the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time. a-mazing. Side note- it’s an encouraging sign that I’ve become more confident/secure with myself that I was able to go out to eat at a resturant and eat by myself, without any ‘shields’ like a book, etc. woot.

After food, I walked up to Old City and went to the Independence Park visitor’s center and talked to a ranger about getting in to see the Bishop White house- only 1 tour a day with a 10 person max. boo. :{ it’ll have to wait until next week. Then I watched a few movies at the visitor’s center- one about the political climate in the late 18th century, and then a documentary about the diaries and letters of 4 young people kept during the Revolution. Both movies were awesome, and yes, I know I’m a total geek, thank you. I also got to talk to re-enactors, one who was spinning wool and one who was playing a dulcimer, both in costume. I really want to know how to get a job like that- screw researching all summer, I wanna be a reenactor! hah.

Anyway, continuing my historical escapades, I went and walked around old Christ Church [where Washington, Franklin & Betsey Ross attended], and went to the burial grounds and visited good ole B. F. Franklin- now there’s a man I’d vote for.

I don’t know why people throw pennies on his grave, it’s kind of weird.

After, I wandered over to Elfreth’s Alley, which is apparently the “oldest residential street in America.” hmm. it was pretty neat, though- cute buildings, everything is kept up in the period fashion [even though they are still residential houses to this day].

Very cute.

All in all, a very nice day. I’m also sure to sleep well tonight- awesome. More later on the random ramblings of a post-grad wanderer.